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Highlights of the tournament

Netherlands (1997)

The players

0PAAUWE Cees Born on 03 November 1977
0BERCK BEELENKAMP Milan Born on 17 September 1977
0VOIGT Daniel Born on 04 November 1977
0PANDER Ronnie Born on 05 March 1977
0NEED Wilburt Born on 03 August 1978
0VAN DER GUN Cedric Born on 05 May 1979
0MENSAH Koty Born on 30 November -1
0OUDE KAMPHUIS Niels Born on 14 November 1977
0BRUGGINK Arnold Born on 24 July 1977
0TURPIJN Roderick Born on 25 April 1978
0HOUTTUIN Max Born on 20 April 1978
0NIEUWENBURG John Born on 24 December 1978
0KUIPER Martijn Born on 21 November 1978
0OMMEL Sergio Born on 02 September 1977
0LURLING Anthony Born on 22 April 1977
0ZIJM Sieme Born on 25 January 1978
0VAN BOMMEL Mark Born on 22 April 1977 Fortuna Sittard
0VENNEGOOR OF HESSELINK Jan Born on 07 November 1978

Managers and technical staff

Hans Westerhof Manager

The Festival in video

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