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Highlights of the tournament

Wales (2017)

The players

EVANS Jack Born on 25 April 1998 Swansea (ENG)
BROADHEAD Nathan Born on 05 April 1998 Everton (ENG)
THOMAS Lewis Born on 20 September 1997 Swansea (ENG)
EVANS Keiran Born on 27 March 1999 Swansea (ENG)
OVENDEN Rhyle Born on 10 August 1998 Watford (ENG)
HUMPHRIES Lloyd Born on 03 October 1997 Cardiff City
LEWIS Aaron Born on 26 June 1998 Swansea (ENG)
DASILVA Cole Born on 11 May 1999 Chelsea (ENG)
CULLEN Liam Born on 23 April 1999 Swansea (ENG)
HARRIES Cian Born on 01 April 1997 Coventry (ENG)
PILLING Luke Born on 25 July 1997 Transmere Rovers (ENG)
COXE Cameron Born on 18 December 1998 Cardiff City
ABBRUZZESE Rhys Born on 28 March 1998 Cardiff City
POOLE Regan Born on 18 June 1998 Manchester United (ENG)
0JAMES Daniel Born on 10 November 1997 Swansea (ENG)
0MEPHAM Christopher Born on 05 November 1997 Brentford (ENG)
0HARRIS Mark Born on 29 December 1998 Cardiff City
0THOMAS George Born on 24 March 1997 Coventry (ENG)
0ROBERTS Tyler Born on 12 January 1999 WBA (ENG)
0RODON Joseph Born on 22 October 1997 Swansea (ENG)

Managers and technical staff

REES Peter Chef de délégation
KENNEDY Dominic Men’s International Officer
PAGE Robert Sélectionneur
BODIN Paul Entraineur Adjoint
DAVIES Martin Entraineur des Gardiens
SHARP Peter Entraineur Physique
DESAI Xarius Analyste vidéo
DAVIES Mark Médecin
ROWE David Masseur
OWEN Dyfri Kinésithérapeute
DONOVAN Ben Relation Presse
DAVIES Rhys Chargé Médias
SMITH Jonathan Utilitaire
PEDERSEN Karl Utilitaire

The Festival in video

Our partners

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