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Scot Gemmil : "It's a brilliant opportunity for Scotland to play against squads from outside the Europe"

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Scotland announced the 19 players who will participate to the Toulon Tournament and Scot Gemmill, the Scottish head coach, took advantage to make a statement, during an interview posted on the official website of the Scottish Federation, about the development of the young players. “I think that the games are particularly attractive because we are going to meet teams, with a consistent level, from outside the Europe. And in terms of progression, it's a brilliant opportunity for the players to play against those squads”, he said.

According to the manager, it's also important for this young prospects to do some good job to perfectly begin their career. “When you look to the game toward to the end of the year, it's all about take the opportunity to play. Every time they play for us, it's a real privilege for them to be involved and they have to grab the opportunities and try to force their way to the next level”.

Scotland, like other nations, has also some players to watch with Zak Jules, Greg Kiltie and Aidan Nesbitt. So Scot Gemmill hopes they will show their talent in front of the observers.« Everybody, who is involved in events like this, knows the importance of this type of tournament for those potentially future great players who propose such very good things at such a young age ».

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