The Indonesian sensation Egy Vikri will discover the European football

Egy Maulana Vikri has impressed during the Toulon Tournament 2017 and has won the breakthrough player award. After his fine performances in the south of France, he has attracted interest from several European clubs including a French Ligue 1 side. Eventually,...


Togo ready to build Toulon Tournament squad

While the Toulon Tournament 2018 is two months away, Togo will start the preparations ahead of the summer’s tournament.Through an announcement on its official website, the Togolese Football Federation (FTF) has revealed that two training camps are organized...


Ben Chilwell stepped up to the next level

“I like his mentality. I think he has the desire to be a top player”, Gareth Southgate said about Ben Chilwell during the Toulon Tournament 2016. Two years later, the 21-year-old Englishman hasn’t turned yet into a top player but he has made significant...


Claude Le Roy (Togo head coach) : “We’ll learn during the Toulon Tournament”

From 26th May to 9th June, Togo will compete in the Toulon Tournament for the first time ever. The opportunity for the young Togolese players to test themselves against national teams from all over the world.The African nation will be coached by the Togo...

Matchs of Toulon Tournament

The old matchs of Toulon Tournament

Final 1985 in Toulon (M)

France 3 - 1 Angleterre

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(Costa Rica - 2015)
(Mali - 2016)
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