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From May 8th to 18th 2019

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18 May 2019

DPR Korea 4-0 Haiti : match report, video and game details

For their last game in the Sud Ladies Cup 2019, DPR Korea clinched a fourth win in a row by defeating Haiti (4-0). Ji Hwa Yun scored three of the four goals of her side. The captain Rim Kum Hyang netted the last one. As solid as their other games in the competition, DPR Korea kept another clean-sheet, the fifth in five games and finish the Sud Ladies Cup without any goals conceded.

For Haiti, this is fourth loss in a row. But like in their game against Japan, Gerardo Contreras' players showed a beautiful spirit and never gave up. The improvement compared to last year is significant and positive.



DPR Korea - Haiti : 4-0

Sud Ladies Cup – Matchday 5

Stade d’Honneur, Salon-de-Provence

Goals : Ji Hwa Yun (25’, 52’, 82’) et Kum Hyang Ri (85’) pour la Corée du Nord

DPR Korea : Yu - Ri S.O., Son, Ri K.H. (cap), Ryu - Kim H. (O, 87’), Pak H.J. (Ri C.G, 72’), Yun, Pak I.G. - Kim Y.O., Kim K.Y. (Kim R.S, 68’)

Coach : Sung Gwon Song

Haiti : Joseph E. - Joseph T., Mathurin, Gustave (cap), Moryl, Lindor (France, 32’) - Pierre-Louis, Petit-Frère, Marcellus (Louis, 72’) - Caremus, Joseph F.L. (Etienne, 61’) 

Coach : Gerardo Contreras

Referees : Mrs Beyer (FRA), Mrs Soriano (FRA) and Mrs Nganda (GAB)


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