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From May 8th to 18th 2019

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15 May 2019

Japan 3-0 Haiti : match report and game details

After their defeat against DPR Korea (0-1), Japan clinched their third win of the competition by beating Haiti at Châteaurenard for the Matchday 4 this Wednesday (3-0). Thanks to Maho Hirosawa, Haruka Osawa and Sara Ito, the Futoshi Ikeda's side stays third of the tournament and still can dream about winning the title, as they are only one point behind France and DPR Korea.

As they did since the beggining of the Sud Ladies Cup, Haiti showed a superb state of mind and did a good performance, making Japan suffer. But it was not enough to get a result. Gerardo Contrera's squad stays fourth of the competition.


Japan 3-0 Haiti

Sud Ladies Cup - Matchday 4

Stade Pierre de Coubertin, Châteaurenard

Goals : Maho Hirosawa (10’), Haruka Osawa (49’), Sara Ito (72’)

Japan : Chikazawa (Ohba, 65') - Matsuda, Funaki, Goto, Nagae (Kojima, 49') - Kanno (c) (Nakao, 49'), Kato, Takeda, Ito - Imada (Morita, 45') , Hirosawa.

Coach : Futoshi Ikeda

Haiti : Ambroise - Joseph, Mathurin (Petit-Frère, 27'), St-cyr, France - Moryl (Gustave 13'), Lindor, Etienne (c) (Jean-Baptiste, 64'), Caremus - Louis, Joseph.

Coach : Gerardo Contreras

Referees : Mrs Beyer (FRA), Mrs Soriano (FRA) and Mrs Di Benedetto (FRA)


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