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14 juin 2021

A night of firsts for Alison Gonzalez and Nayeli Diaz

Although it ended in a large defeat over Japan (1-5), it was a game they will remember for a long time. Mexico's Alison Gonzalez and Nayeli Diaz both had a very special match against Japan in a friendly on Sunday.

The first one had already been called up to the senior team in March and had already made her debut for the national team. Against the Japanese, the striker who came through the Sud Ladies Cup 2019 offered herself another great international moment: the first goal. The Atlas FC centre-forward allowed her team to reduce the score shortly after the break with a beautiful shot. It was an insignificant goal, but one that will be memorable in the career of the young player, who has had a very successful season, finishing as the top scorer in the Mexican league with 18 goals. Unfortunately for her, her team was eliminated in the semi-finals of the Clausura.

Alison Gonzalez with the Japanese Sara during the Sud Ladies Cup 2019

For her part, Nayeli Diaz honoured her very first cap for the Mexican senior team. Called up for the first time, she came on in the 84th minute in place of Alison Gonzalez. She thus becomes the fifth senior international among the players who have passed through the Sud Ladies Cup 2019.

Nayeli Diaz in front of the North Korean Sol Song Ryu during the Sud Ladies Cup 2019

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