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15 mars 2021

Watch all the Sud Ladies Cup 2019 games !

A year ago, the world was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing a health crisis unprecedented in the 21st century. The whole world was put under lock and stopped for several weeks, several months. Many events were cancelled, and we were no exception. In spite of a huge determination, we were forced to cancel the Sud Ladies Cup and the Maurice Revello Tournament 2020.

A few months later, the situation, although less critical, has not improved sufficiently for us to return to normal life. If we are working hard to be able to organise the Maurice Revello Tournament 2021, the conditions are not in place to consider holding the Sud Ladies Cup in the next few weeks. To our great regret.

The organisation of the Festival International Espoirs is very keen to highlight women's football and the many talents it abounds in. But the health crisis avoids us from organising this edition. However, you can be sure that we are doing everything possible to be present in 2022. We still believe that there is a central place for women's football and we are still determined to offer it through the Sud Ladies Cup.

A TV channel where you can watch the Sud Ladies Cup 2019 games

So, to fill the gap, we decided to let you relive the games of the Sud Ladies Cup 2019, won by DPR Korea. An edition rich in goals (65 in 15 matches), opposing six teams from all over the world.

So we created our web TV on the MyTVChain platform. You can find our channel here: https://mytvchain.com/sudladiescup

It will be regularly updated with the games and other videos of the Sud Ladies Cup 2019. You can already (re)watch the three games of the 1st matchday of the Sud Ladies Cup 2019:

Japan 3-2 Mexico

Gabon 0-7 Haiti

France 0-0 (4-3 pen) DPR Korea

The other games will gradually be uploaded on the Sud Ladies Cup TV channel. Don't hesitate to follow our social networks to be alerted of their release:

A web TV dedicated to the Maurice Revello Tournament will also be created in the coming weeks so that you can experience or relive all the highlights of the Festival!

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