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2 novembre 2019

Shino Matsuda and Oto Kanno crowned champions of Japan with NTV Beleza

Nippon TV Beleza confirmed once again that they are the Japan's best women's football team as they have secured on this Saturday their fifth Nadeshiko League title in a row.

A large 4-0 win over Vegalta Sendai allowed to the Tokyo-based club to finish at the top of the league ahead of Urawa Reds.

Two Sud Ladies Cup 2019 runners-up played a role in this title : Shino Matsuda and Oto Kanno. Aged respectively 18 and 19, the two young Japanese players achieved to force their way into the NTV Beleza first-team.

Matsuda and Kanno (named in the Sud Ladies Cup 2019 best XI) will not have the time to celebrate this title as both youngsters will return to the Japan U19 national team in order to continue their campaign in the Asian Championship U19, which serves as a qualifying tournament for the next World Cup U20.

Amayes Brahmi

Crédits photo : Tokyo Verdy / NTV Beleza

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