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14 décembre 2018

Miguel Borja, Luan, Rafael Borré : they stole the show in the Copa Libertadores

Few days ago, River Plate won the fifth Copa Libertadores in their history. During this edition, several players seen at the Maurice Revello Tournament have shone. Recap.

After a thrilling final, River Plate have beaten their rivals Boca Juniors (2-2 in the first leg, 3-1 in the second leg). Los Millonarios have lifted this trophy for the fifth time and Rafael Borré played a key role in this winning run. The Colombian forward, who played the Maurice Revello Tournament in 2014, has found the net during the last round of 16 against Racing (Argentina), in the quarter finals against Independiente (Argentine) and during the semi-finals against the title holders Gremio (Brazil).

On this point, the Porto Alegre-based club have been stopped in the semi-finals despite the impressive campaign realized by Luan. After winning the Copa Libertadores best player award in 2017, the Maurice Revello Tournament 2014 winner distinguished himself once again this year as he scored three goals and delivered three assists.

Other Brazilian side eliminated during the last four : Palmeiras. The Verdão reached the semi-finals notably thanks to Miguel Borja. The Colombia international, seen at the Maurice Revello Tournament 2013, finished as the Copa Libertadores 2018 joint top scorer with 9 goals.

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