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30 November 2018

Cuba, the new wave takes the lead

Led by young players for the most part, including some youngsters who took part in the Maurice Revello Tournament, the Cuba senior national team is living a resurgence. The Caribbean side has already secured a spot for the Gold Cup 2019. Meanwhile, the Cubans have moved one step closer to qualifying for the Division A of the CONCACAF Nations League which features the best nations of the confederation.

29th May 2017. For their first ever Maurice Revello Tournament game, Cuba shared the spoils with Japan (1-1). Maybe something clicked on this day : being able to clinch a result against a renowned side was not an utopia anymore. If the rest of the competition was a little bit more complicated (two losses), it helps Cuba to earn some experience on the international scene.

Allowing the young players to take part in competitions like the Maurice Revello Tournament is paying dividends at the senior level. The Cuba senior national team is mainly composed of players aged 25 or less. Some of them took part in the Maurice Revello Tournament 2017 : Raycharles Cruz, Daniel Morejon, Luis Morris and Neisser Sando.  

This youth policy chosen by the federation has played a key role in the resurgence enjoyed by the Cubans who are aiming to compete with the CONCACAF’s top sides.
For that, Cuba need to achieve a short-term goal : securing a spot for both Gold Cup 2019 and Division A of the CONCACAF Nations League. Through the preliminary round of this same Nations League.

The first mission is already accomplished : front of their fans at the Estadio Pedro Marrerro, Cuba earned a 1-0 over Dominican Republic in the Matchday 3 of the CONCACAF Nations League preliminary round. This third win in as many games ensured that Cuba will finish among the top ten teams and consequently to take part in the next Gold Cup.

The second mission is set to be accomplished : if they earned at least a draw against Haiti in their upcoming game in this preliminary round, Cuba will finish among the top six teams of the competition and will qualify for the Division A of the CONCACAF Nations League which features the best nations of the confederation like Mexico, Costa Rica as well as United States.

If so, Cubans will be guaranteed to enjoy a year 2019 full of high-level games. Obviously the best way to continue their development.

Amayes Brahmi

Crédits photo : On Cuba