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From May 8th to 19th 2019

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  • Marie-Antoinette Katoto (France - Sud Ladies Cup 2018) is the top scorer of the French top flight with 18 goals !

  • Laura Freigang (Germany - Sud Ladies Cup 2018) has already netted 8 goals in 10 Bundesliga games so far 


Highlights of the tournament

United States

The players

1IVORY Laurel Born on the 28 August 1999 Virginia
2PICKETT Kiara Born on the 30 April 1999 Stanford
3RODRIGUEZ Isabel Born on the 13 April 1999 Ohio State
4TORRES Taryn Born on the 23 April 1999 Virginia
5MORSE Zoe Born on the 01 April 1998 Virginia
6GILROY Erin Born on the 21 January 1998 Tennessee
7DE MELO Savannah Born on the 26 March 1998 USC
8PINTO Brianna Born on the 24 May 2000 NTH Tophat
9SMITH Sophia Born on the 10 August 2000 Real Colorado
10VILLACORTA Viviana Born on the 02 February 1999 UCLA
11SHEEHAN Delanie Born on the 13 January 1999 UCLA
12BEALL Hillary Born on the 27 January 1999 Michigan
13McKEOWN Tara Born on the 02 July 1999 USC
14HIATT Samantha Born on the 06 January 1998 Stanford
15WINTERS Natalie Born on the 07 May 1998 Iowa
16RODRIGUEZ Karina Born on the 02 March 1999 UCLA
17KIM Abigail Born on the 19 July 1998 California
18HOWELL Jaelin Born on the 21 November 1999 Real Colorado
19HOCKING Penelope Born on the 29 December 1999 So Cal Blue
20SANCHEZ Ashley Born on the 16 March 1999 UCLA
21SPAANSTRA Alexa Born on the 01 February 2000 Virginia
23GIRMA Naomi Born on the 14 June 2000 Thorns

Managers and technical staff

SUNIO Jess Team coordinator
KLIMKOVA Jitka Head coach
SARVER Keri Assistant coach
FRIAS Jaime Assistant coach
JOYCE Ian Goalkeeper coach
JONES Barrett Physical coach
ROGOL James Analyst video
CARROLL Amy Physio
LUCERO Steve Kitman
HAIGH Julian Sport scientist
CASAGRANDE Ivi Sport scientist
BASS Danielle Doctor
ALEXANDER Jeffrey Sécurity
YOUNG Cassie Physio
MARTINS Manny Scout

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