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29 October 2019

35 Sud Ladies Cup graduates take part in the Asian Championship U19

The Asian Championship U19, which serves as a qualifying tournament for the next World Cup U20, has started on last Sunday. Around thirty talents seen at the Sud Ladies Cup are taking part in this AFC U19.

The tenth edition of the Asian Championship U19, currently held in Thailand, features the eight best nations of the continent. Among them, the winners and runners-up of the Sud Ladies Cup 2019 : DPR Korea and Japan.

After impressing the observers in France on last May, the talented North Koreand and Japanese players are now battling for glory on the continental scene. Exactly thirty-five Sud Ladies Cup 2019 graduates are taking part in the Asian Championship.

DPR Korea : Son Gom Yu, Pyol Yun,  Kum-Hyang Ri, OK-Ju Son, Sin OK Ri, Kim Hyang, Su Jong Ri, Su Gyong Ri, Sol Song Ryu, Ji Hwa Yun, Kyong Yong Kim, Yun Ok Kim, Gyong Il Pak, Hyon-Jong Pak, Chong Yong Ri, Si-Nae O, Ryu Song Kim, Un-Sim Pang

Japan : Shu Ohba, Momoko Tanaka, Ibuki Nagae, Shino Matsuda, Haruna Tabata, Oto Kanno, Sara Ito, Momo Nakao, Haruka Osawa, Haruka Miura, Maho Hirosawa, Nanako Takeda, Misako Morita, Nodoka Funaki, Momo Kato, Wakaba Goto, Fukina Mizuno

Placed in the group A, alongside Vietnam and Thailand notably, DPR Korea enjoyed a strong start as they hammered Australia (5-1).

Same thing for Japan as the Young Nadeshiko have outclassed Myanmar (5-0) in a group B which features also South Korea and China.

As a reminder, the top three teams of the AFC U19 will be qualified for the upcoming World Cup U20 held in Nigeria on next July.

AFC U19 official website

Amayes Brahmi


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