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The players

1CASTILLO Juan Born on the 13 January 2003 Fortaleza FC
2MANTILLA Kevin Born on the 22 May 2003 Santa Fe
3OCAMPO Edier Born on the 03 October 2003 Fortaleza FC
4PEDROZO Daniel Born on the 19 March 2004 Real Cartagena
5OLAYA Elber Born on the 18 July 2003 Boca Junniors Cali
6VÉLEZ Jhon Born on the 25 July 2003 Barranquilla FC
7HURTADO Jorge Born on the 06 September 2003 Real Cartagena
8PUERTA Gustavo Born on the 23 July 2003 Bogota FC
9ANGEL Tomas Born on the 20 February 2003 Atletico Nacional
10MANYOMA Alexis Born on the 30 January 2003 Cortulua
11ANGULO Luis Born on the 23 March 2004 Allianza Petrola
12MARQUINEZ Luis Born on the 04 October 2003 Atletico Nacional
13CABEZAS Gian Born on the 01 January 2003 Deportivo Cali
14QUINTERO Luis Born on the 12 October 2004 Villarreal CF (SPA)
15ALMANZA Ober Born on the 10 May 2003 Albacete (SPA)
16ZULETA Isaac Born on the 10 August 2003 Getafe FC (SPA)
17SALAZAR Andres Born on the 15 January 2003 Fortaleza FC
18VALENCIA Oswaldo Born on the 13 April 2003 River Plate (ARG)
19MINA Juan Born on the 27 July 2004 Deportivo Cali
20CANTILLO Carlos Born on the 21 February 2003 Barranquilla
21LUNA Daniel Born on the 07 May 2003 Deportivo Cali
22FEDORUSCHENKO Alexei Born on the 28 September 2005 Arsenal FC (ENG)
23ARAGON Jose Born on the 03 October 2003 Cortulua

Managers and technical staff

CARDENAS Hector Headcoach
GONZALEZ ALZATE Alvaro Head of delegation
HURTADO Freddy Assistant
RAMIREZ Juan Assistant
CASTILLO Breiner Goalkeeper coach
ORTIZ Mauricio Physical coach
CARDENAS Ivan Video analyst
YEPES Haroldo Doctor
ENTRENA Carlos Physio
OREJUELA Jafet Physio
DIAZ Manuel Kitman



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