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Highlights of the tournament

Morocco (2015)

The players

0BENACHOUR Badreddine Born on 08 September 1994 Wydad Casablanca
0TAGNAOUTI Ahmed Reda Born on 05 April 1996 RS Berkane
0AL ASBAHI Anas Born on 15 October 1993 Wydad Casablanca
0DAHMANI Habib Allah Born on 16 October 1993 Mas Fez
0BANOUN Badr Born on 30 September 1993 Raja Casablanca
0BOULHROUDE Badr Born on 21 April 1993 Fus de Rabat
0ENNAFFATI Adam Born on 29 June 1994 Fath Us
0MOUFFADAL Mehdi Born on 27 March 1994 Hassania
0BENCHARKI Achraf Born on 24 September 1994 Wydad Casablanca
0EL HASSOUNI Ayman Born on 22 February 1995 Wydad Casablanca
0ES SAIYDY Youssef Born on 16 August 1994 Chamois Niortais (FRA)
0BAHJA Soufiane Born on 24 July 1993 Kawab Marrakech
0JAMAAOUI Youssef Born on 29 April 1993 Olympique Khouribga
0HAJHOUJ Reda Born on 02 July 1994 Wydad Casablanca
0QASMI Ayoub Born on 19 September 1993 Wydad Casablanca
0EL KARTI Walid Born on 23 July 1994 Wydad Casablanca
0MOUSSADAK Hamza Born on 09 April 1994 Raja Casablanca
0AIT KHORSA Saad Born on 03 January 1994 OC Safi
0SABBAR Walid Born on 25 February 1996 Raja Casablanca
0AGUERD Nayef Born on 30 March 1996 Fus de Rabat

Managers and technical staff

Hassan BENABICHA Manager

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