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Highlights of the tournament

Colombia (2014)

The players

0ANGULO Jeison Born on 27 June 1996 Deportivo Cali
0ARANGO Cristian Born on 09 March 1995 Envigado
0AYALA Sebastian Born on 14 September 1995
0BARRERA Jarlan Born on 16 September 1995 Atletico Junior
0BORRE Rafael Born on 15 September 1995 Deportivo Cali
0HERNANDEZ Aldayr Born on 04 August 1995 Envigado
0LONDOÑO Daniel Born on 01 January 1995 Envigado
0MONTERO Alvaro Born on 29 March 1995 Sao Caetano
0MOSQUERA Juan Born on 10 February 1996 Santa Fe
0OREJUELA Luis Manuel Born on 20 August 1995 Deportivo Cali
0QUIÑONES Rodin Born on 30 May 1995
0QUINTERO Juan Sebastian Born on 23 March 1995 Deportivo Cali
0RENTERIA Carlos Born on 05 July 1995 Deportivo Cali
0RODRIGUEZ João Born on 19 May 1996 Chelsea FC (ANG)
0RODRIGUEZ PARRA Dario Born on 15 May 1995 Deportivo Cali
0SANCHEZ Davinson Born on 12 June 1996 Atletico Naciola
0TELLO Andres Born on 06 September 1996 Envigado
0TORRES Gustavo Born on 15 June 1996 Deportes Quindio
0VASQUEZ Luis Herney Born on 01 March 1996 Independiente Medellin
0ZAPATA Alexis Born on 10 May 1995 Envigado

Managers and technical staff

Carlos Alberto RESTREPO ISAZA Manager

The Festival in video

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