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Highlights of the tournament

East Germany G.D.R (1982)

The players

0MÜLLER René Born on 11 February 1959 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
0SÄNGER Carsten Born on 08 November 1962 FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt
0MEIXNER Stefan Born on 13 October 1962 Carl Zeiss Jena
0ALMS Gernot Born on 07 October 1962 Hansa Rostock
0SCHÖẞLER Detlef Born on 03 October 1962 1. FC Magdeburg
0KREER Ronald Born on 10 November 1959 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
0ERNST Rainer Born on 31 December 1961 Dynamo Berlin
0BACKS Christian Born on 26 August 1962 Dynamo Berlin
0MINGE Ralf Born on 08 October 1960 Dynamo Dresde
0SCHÜLBE Lutz Born on 09 November 1961 Dynamo Dresde
0STEINBORN Fred Born on 21 December 1962 Carl Zeiss Jena
0SCHLEGEL Dirk Born on 14 June 1961 Dynamo Berlin
0NEMETSCHEK Bernd Born on 17 August 1961
0SCHLÜNZ Juri Born on 27 July 1961 Hansa Rostock
0HALATA Damian Born on 08 August 1962 1. FC Magdeburg
0HAUSCHILD Axel Born on 15 December 1962

Managers and technical staff

Bernd Stange Manager

The Festival in video

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