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China (2004)

The players

HONGLIANG Wang Born on 14 January 1985
0CHENG Wan Born on 01 November 1985 Shandong Luneng
0JIANQING Mao Born on 08 August 1986 Shanghai Shenhua
0JIN Tao Born on 02 June 1985 Shanghai Shenhua
0JUNMIN Hao Born on 24 March 1987 Tianjin TEDA
0KE Zhang Born on 20 March 1985 Shenyang Ginde
0QINGHUA Dai Born on 09 February 1985
0QING Liu Born on 05 April 1986 Shandong Luneng
0SHENG Qin Born on 02 November 1986 Shandong Luneng
0SHOUTING Wang Born on 03 September 1985 Shanghai Liancheng Zobon
0TAO Chen Born on 11 March 1985 Changsha Ginde
0TING Zhu Born on 15 July 1985 Dalian Haichang
0WANGSONG Tan Born on 19 December 1985 Sichuan Guancheng
0WEIWEI Yuan Born on 25 November 1985 Shandong Luneng
0XIAOLEI Bai Born on 04 September 1985 Dalian Sidelong
0XIAOTING Feng Born on 22 October 1985 Sichuan Guancheng
0YONGSHUN Ren Born on 08 April 1985 Shandong Luneng
0YU Liu Born on 12 May 1985 Sichuan Guancheng
0ZHEN Guan Born on 06 February 1985 Shandong Luneng
0ZHILIANG Xin Born on 14 February 1985

Managers and technical staff

Yin Tiesheng Manager

The Festival in video

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