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From June 1st to 15th 2019

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Only few days after making his professional debut, Adam Idah (TMR 2019) netted a hat-trick with Norwich. A promising start to career for the 18-year-old striker.


Highlights of the tournament

Mexico (2003)

The players

JIMENEZ MOLINA Ricardo Born on 26 February 1983
0DE LA BARRERA Juan Carlos Born on 17 March 1983
0DE LA CRUZ Juan José Born on 07 April 1983
0ESQUIVEL Juan Alberto Born on 23 March 1983
0HUIQUI Joel Born on 18 February 1983
0MARTINEZ José Guadalupe Born on 12 January 1983
0MEDINA Juan Carlos Born on 22 August 1983
0MEDINA Alberto Born on 29 May 1983
0MENDOZA Alvin Born on 27 July 1984
0ORTIZ Mario Born on 04 June 1983
0PATINO Victor Odin Born on 24 August 1983
0PINTO Fausto Born on 08 August 1983
0ROJAS Guillermo Born on 29 March 1983
0ROMO Isaac Born on 23 March 1983
0SANTANA Randy Scott Born on 21 January 1983
0TORRES Ignacio Born on 25 September 1983
0TORRES Francisco Javier Born on 12 May 1983
0VALENZUELA Juan Carlos Born on 15 May 1984
0ZEA Oscar Born on 26 January 1983

Managers and technical staff

Eduardo Rergis Manager

The Festival in video

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