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From May 26th to June 9th 2018

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The referees

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  • M. Do Nascimento (Brasil)
  • M. Efong Nzolo (Belgium)
  • M. Flores Rodriguez (Mexico)
  • M. Gamboa Latournerie (Chile)
  • M. Higler (Netherlands)
  • M. Ibrahim (Jordania)
  • M. Kabakov (Bulgaria)
  • M. Lardot (Belgium)
  • M. Lei (China)
  • M. Mabrouk (Morocco)
  • M. Machado (Colombia)
  • M. Macias Romo (Mexico)
  • M. Makkelie (Netherlands)
  • M. Millot (France)
  • M. Miranda (Mexico)
  • M. Omar (Egypt)
  • M. Orel (Czech Republic)
  • M. Penaloza (Mexico)
  • M. Penaloza Soto (Mexico)
  • M. Petrescu (Roumania)

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