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13 décembre 2019

Demiral, Trincao, Benkhedim : a week of milestones on the European scene for the Maurice Revello Tournament graduates

This week was the opportunity for some Maurice Revello Tournament graduates to either play their first game or score their first goal in European Cups.

Merih Demiral (Juventus)

If he's a key player for his national team, the Turkey international (12 caps) is not yet a regular starter at Juventus. Signed this summer from Sassuolo, the 21-year-old defender is facing a strong competition for a starting spot (De Ligt, Bonucci, Rugani, Chellini).
However, Demiral made his Champions League debut this week. The Maurice Revello Tournament 2018 graduate was included in the starting XI against Bayer Leverkusen and produced an impressive display during the Bianconeri's 2-0 win.

Francisco Trincao (Braga)

In 2018, the Portuguese youngster has shown glimpses of his talent at the Maurice Revello Tournament before impressing at the Euro U19 (winner and joint top scorer). Throughout his performances, Trincao established himself as one of the Portugal's brightest young talents.
The 19-year-old, however, struggled to force his way into the Braga's starting XI so far. But his destiny has maybe changed on this Thursday. For his first ever Europa League start, Trincao has been unstoppable against Bratislava as he delivered an assist and scored a goal. The talent is evident and just waiting to express itself...

Bilal Benkhedim (Saint-Etienne)

Member of the very young French team that played the Maurice Revello Tournament 2019, the 18-year-old midfielder is starting to force his way into the Saint-Etienne first-team. Nearly one month after enjoying his Ligue 1 bow against Montpellier, Benkhedim played his first minutes on the continental scene this Thursday during the Europa League clash against Wolfsburg (0-1).

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