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The players

1FLEURIOT Madelina Born on the 28 October 2003 Exafoot
2JOSEPH Tabita Dougenie Kerbie Born on the 13 September 2003 AS Tigresses
3LINDOR Nancy Born on the 18 November 2001 Exafoot
4MATHURIN Ruthny Born on the 14 January 2001 AS Tigresses
5JOSEPH Esthericove Born on the 05 February 2003 Exafoot
6JEAN-BAPTISTE Dieunica Born on the 27 February 2001 Aigle Brillant AC
7LOUIS Abaina Born on the 29 November 2001 AS Tigresses
8GUSTAVE Angeline Born on the 30 January 2001 AS Tigresses
9JOSEPH Florcie-Love Darlina Born on the 15 December 2003 Don Bosco FC
10ETIENNE Monique Danielle Born on the 16 January 2001 New York City Soccer Club (USA)
11CAREMUS Rachelle Born on the 03 February 2003 Aigle Brillant AC
12JOSEPH Edjenie Born on the 20 April 2001 AS Tigresses
13ORNIS Valentina Born on the 22 August 2003 ASF Croix-des-Bousquets
14PETIT-FRERE Bethina Born on the 01 August 2003 Exafoot
15MARCELLUS Rose-Alya Born on the 22 March 2003 ASF Croix-des-Bousquets
16PIERRE-LOUIS Dayana Born on the 24 September 2003 ASF Croix-des-Bousquets
17JEAN Maille Born on the 24 August 2001 AS Tigresses
18ST-CYR Méghane Born on the 26 February 2005 CS St Hubert (CAN)
19MORYL Maudeline Born on the 24 January 2003 Anacaona SC
20FRANCE Rose Pierreline Born on the 03 October 2003 ASF Croix-des-Bousquets
21AMBROISE Nahomie Born on the 13 November 2003 Anacaona SC

Managers and technical staff

PRINSIME Richard Video analyst
JEAN-BART Yves Head of delegation
DIEUSSAINT Charlera Team manager
CONTRERAS Gerardo Head coach
GUERRIER Parnel Assistant coach
RIVAS Christian Christian Goalkeeper coach
JOSEPH Altride Doctor
CHERY Manesson Media officer
FELIX Yvette Kitman
COLIN Valdano Kitman



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