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From May 8th to 18th 2019

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15 May 2019

DPR Korea 10-0 Gabon : match report, video and game details

The gap was too high. DPR Korea did not let any chance to Gabon wednesday at Mallemort for the Matchday 4 of the Sud Ladies Cup. The Asian team hammered the African side 10-0. Sung Gwon Song's players played their football as they did since the start of the competition and were too strong for the Gabonese squad.

Kim Kyong Yong (four goals) and Song Ae Pong (two goals) scored more than the half of the Korean goals. The Gabon defence, too weak, couldn't do anything to stop DPR Korea, that remain second with 10 points just behind France. Gabon are still at the bottom of the group.



DPR Korea - Gabon : 10-0

Sud Ladies Cup - Matchday 4

Stade d’Honneur, Mallemort

Goals : Kim K.Y. (6’, 20’, 54’ et 56’), CSC de Ibogni Mouity (23’), Pong (22’ et 45+1’), Ri C.G. (59’), O (67’) et Pak I.G. (74’)

DPR Korea : Yu (Yun, 28’) - Ryu, Son, Ri (c), Pong, O (Kim H. 70’), Pak H. (RI C.G., 30’, elle-même remplacée par Kim R.S. 68’), Yun, Pak I., Kim Y. (Pang, 74’), Kim K.

Coach : Sung Gwon Song

Gabon : Okila Ndzila - Ongongone, Asseng Obounet (Aloung Mba, 62’), Ibogni Mouity (c), Paho Kombi, Ntogone Mezui, Baba (Biatholi Maimouna, 59’), Ntsame Obame, Ondjani Ampagui, Assa Ekogha (Mboma Wissy, 61’), Mezui Obiang (Bivigou, 88’)

Coach : Jeanne Moussavou

Referees : Mrs Ambroise (HAI), Mrs W.Louis (HAI) and Mrs E.Louis (HAI)


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