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From June 1st to 14th 2020

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  • The referee Georgi Kabakov (BUL), seen at the Maurice Revello Tournament 2014, will be in charge of the Europa League game between AS Roma (ITA) and KAA Gent (BEL) this week.


Highlights of the tournament

Algeria (1984)

The players

0FETTAL Zoubir Born on 30 November -1
0BELLACHIA Born on 30 November -1
0MEGARIA Born on 30 November -1
0MEZIANE Youcef Born on 16 September 1962 CR Belcourt
0ABDERAHIM Born on 30 November -1
0BENKHALIDI Fawzi Born on 03 February 1963 Olympique de Médéa
0MAKHLOUFI Rachid Born on 21 September 1963
0BELKHETOUAT Houari Born on 30 June 1965 ASM Oran
0BADACHE Mourad Born on 30 November -1
0ZAGHZI Meziane Born on 21 May 1962 CR Belcourt
0HAMADA Rachid Born on 30 November -1
0DJELLAL Born on 30 November -1
0BENGANA Farid Born on 14 July 1963 USM Alger
0MESSAOUDI Rachid Born on 30 November -1
0KEROUT Mohamed Born on 30 November -1
0AMANI Djamel Born on 17 June 1962 RC Arbaa
0BELHADJ Mourad Born on 02 May 1964 ASM Oran

Managers and technical staff

Kamel Lemoui Manager

The Festival in video

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