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Brazil (2004)

The players

FELIPE SOARES Born on 22 July 1985
MARCELINHO Marcelo Rodrigues Born on 09 January 1987
RONCATTO Evandro Born on 24 May 1986
0RICHARD Pena Lamego DENNYS Born on 17 January 1985
0ALVES DIEGO Born on 24 June 1985
0Conceiçao Santos EDCARLOS Born on 10 May 1985
0FERNANDINHO Fernando Luiz Roza Born on 04 May 1985 Atletico Paranaense
0FILIPE LUIS Kasmirski Born on 09 August 1985 Figueirense
0Melo dos Santos HALISSON Bruno Born on 28 June 1985
0ILSINHO Ilson Pereira Dias Junior Born on 12 October 1985
0JO Joao Alves de Assis Silva Born on 20 March 1987
0JUNIOR CARIOCA José António de Miranda Born on 27 April 1985
0MATOS Cruz LEO Born on 02 April 1986
0Aparecido Elisbao FEFO Rafael Born on 15 February 1985
0Brito Soares RENAN Born on 24 January 1985
0SILVA RENATO Born on 26 July 1983
0Paixao Mesquita RODRIGO Born on 02 March 1985
0Ferreira dos Santos WAGNER Born on 29 January 1985
0SILVA ALEX Born on 10 March 1985
0de Oliveira Junior CARLOS ALBERTO Born on 24 January 1983

Managers and technical staff

Renê Weber Manager

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